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Pantry moths in my restaurant food!??

Ok, so as if it's not gross enough to have to deal with pantry moths at home, I went out to one of my favorite restaurants this weekend and halfway through my dinner, I noticed pantry moths flying around the place!  I was surprised that even upscale eateries have this problem.  Technically, they aren't harmful and I guess that the health board doesn't look for them, but anyone who has ever found a pantry moth worm in their food knows how disgusting it is to have these things around.  My thought was, as I quickly lost my appetite, that where you see moths, you can pretty much be sure that there are moth eggs and larvae in the food. 
 I didn't have the nerve to say anything, but I really might ship them a few bottles of Aunt Norma's pantry moth spray in an anonymous letter, haha.  I hate to think that the food I was paying $$$$ for might be infested with these things.  I think it is also really important for restaurants to use organic, non toxic and safe pesticides because I don't really trust what is in the chemical sprays, and I certainly don't want it around my food!  I believe that some of the better food places (and grovery stores) are actually more prone to having the moths because organic grains and dried goods are usually not treated with pesticides or bleached with chemicals in the manufacturing process, which is good because it means the food is healthier, but is bad because it means we might be hatching pantry moths in our expensive organic grocery items. 
I also went to my favorite large chain pet store this weekend and as I was stocking my cart with dog food and treats, I noticed pantry moths flying around there, too!  I remember reading that pet food can be a really likely place to find the pantry moths and their eggs.  Luckily, I've never had a problem because I buy canned dog food, but for those of you out there still having pantry moth issues, consider this as a possible source.  It seems like once you know what they are, you start to notice them everywhere!  I am happy to report that after thoroughly treating my kitchen with Aunt Norma's Pantry Moth Spray, I no longer have a problem at all.  I still see the occasional moth flying around, but they won't go near the areas where I streated, and I have set out a pantry moth trap in other areas of the house to catch the few remaining moths before they can start reproducing again. 
I noticed something strange (but good) in the time since I used the spray- it repels spiders as well!  I thought that I was having a spider convention in my house, but I then realized that they were leaving!  They were crawling out from the inner woodwork of my cabinets and flooring, where I had treated with the pantry moth spray... I guess spiders don't like this stuff either.  I plan to try it on mosquitos and fleas (if my dog gets any) this summer.

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Gianni Braulio on Wednesday, October 24, 2012 6:50 AM
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Axel Bruno on Sunday, November 04, 2012 10:34 PM
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